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Welcome To J.C.A. Landscaping

J.C.A. Landscaping is an operative business serving the Kent County area. We’re based in Coventry, RI and service West Warwick, Warwick, East Greenwich, West Greenwich, and Hope Valley area. J.C.A. specializes in lawn maintenance, landscaping design, and installation. The company provides a multitude of landscaping ideas and design for commercial property as well as residential properties.

Our Landscape Services

Maintaining a beautiful lawn takes quite a bit of work, but a great way to start is mowing your yard properly. A lot of homeowners feel that they need to pull out their mower when their yard looks overgrown, but a healthy, lush lawn needs regular mowing.

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J.C.A Plowing provides salt treatment/management and snow plowing/blowing services by the push, and by the event.